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Essentials for Your Real Estate Closing

checkbookEssentials for Your Real Estate Closing

These are the must-have items all the well-informed Buyers AND Sellers are bringing to closing! A valid photo I.D. (drivers license):   Everyone involved wants to be sure the right people are signing this day, so don’t forget it! Your Checkbook:   Even if you normally use only plastic. Sometimes there can be a small overage or miscellaneous fee that can be covered with a personal check or cash ONLY. Be prepared…you don’t want to reschedule or make a mad dash for home while your realtor stalls for time! A Cashier’s Check:   Call and check with the title company, they may not accept a personal check for larger amounts. If you’re unsure the exact amount to bring, get a cashier’s check for an amount that will cover the ‘worst-case’ scenario, and the title company will issue you a check at closing for the difference. Make the check out to yourself, and you can endorse it over to the title company at closing. One more important note- a cashier’s check is like CASH – you can’t get another one issued. Make sure you keep this check in a very safe place.


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