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Hurricane Sandy….How Can You Help

Hurricane Sandy Relief Help“Along we can do so little… Together we can do so much”

We have all seen the pictures that have been shared around Facebook, Twitter, and the local news channels of what Hurricane Sandy, the Frankenstorm has left.  I know for one can’t imagine what it is like to be there first hand.

I thought the loss of power for a short time was terrible until I seen how bad others had it.  We can count our blessings in this area.

A local group from Reading has teamed up and started what is known as  This local group is gather supplies and making trips to New York and New Jersey to donate items that are needed by the families that have lost everything.

They recently made a trip up to Staten Island, and this is what they had to say:

“Sooooo……a quick recap of what we did this weekend.   We spent a couple hundred dollars of our own money and drove up to NYC.   When we got there we were routed to Staten Island.   We gave out all of our gas to the hardest hit Hurricane Sandy Relief Helpareas.   They have plenty of clothing.   They are waiting in line from anywhere to 6 to 12 blocks for gas with the cars backed up and turned off.   Ridiculousness!  

We met up with a nice couple there and there names were Mike and Ashley.   Mike opened up his home to us to stay over so we could drop some stuff off at another drop off Sunday Morning.   They cooked us an awesome stir fry dinner and then we went out to a local diner in the morning.   We told the locals that we were from Reading, PA and they did nothing but shake our hands and say thank you for the support and supplies.  

Almost every home we saw was condemned on the south side of Staten Island.   You have no clue…..imagine all of your mattresses, just everything in your house thrown outside. What you are left with is to pick through other people’s clothes who were donated

.   They appreciate the help, but what I am saying is just imagine not being able to go shop for the clothes that you like.   The support network is unreal…..very eye opening.   Very great to see everyone coming together. Neighbors talking to neighbors…….helping each other out one thing at a time.   Saw many of children with stuffed animals, clothing, etc……just thrown out waiting for trash trucks to pick it up (very gut wrenching).

Hurricane Sandy Relief HelpGot to see the Manhattan skyline from where we were at.   There was power to the left, then a strip in the middle with no power, and power to the right.   As we were coming home we saw at least 20 to 30 electric trucks, portable generators, just a heck of a lot of supplies that they were waiting for since last Tuesday.

Please appreciate what you have.   You do not have to eat what people bring you, you do not have to wear what people bring you.   You have a choice, you have power, and you have control over your surroundings.   They do not, and their spirits are high and they are making the best of a bad situation.   I wish everyone could make the trip that we made, but money does not do justice for what they are going through.

Remember that as you sleep in your own bed tonight and not a shelter or sleeping bag on your front lawn.”

Go to their Facebook page and see how you can help.

I can’t imagine what it’s like first hand.  Amazing group of people from Reading, Pa that has started a small reach-out to the people who have been the hardest hit.  Take a look at their list and if you can help even with one item, it will mean so much to the people have nothing left and lost everything.

If you think you know...... Pictures do not do justice to what Sandy has done here..... Condemned houses all over the place. Please remember that when you come home to a house with power and place to sleep

This month we have Thanksgiving and we see many people posting on Facebook each day what they are thankful for.  The people of New Jersey and New York are thankful to be alive, and are very thankful for any little donation they receive.

Hurricane Sandy Relief Help

By:  Mabel Davis


3 thoughts on “Hurricane Sandy….How Can You Help

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  2. Thank you for posting this. Our family wrote this and you truly cannot imagine the devastation that they are facing. As a couple residents their told me….”9/11″ was there model of what to do. Like it or not, they are starting to get used to waiting for help and banding together as a community.


    • Your welcome. It saddens me, not only with having family in the area, but for everyone that is living without. Your Facebook page was shared with me by a friend, Laurel.

      I think it is great what you are doing, and hope that one person will see this and help out, even with the smallest of a donation. No matter how small, it’s better then the “Nothing” they have right now.

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