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Going Green with Cleaning

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With getting the opportunity to meet many people with appraising and real estate, I get to see and hear many ideas people have for Going Green with Cleaning.  More and more people are trying to get away from using harsh chemicals in their home to clean.

Also more people are turning to things that will benefit our environment, with cleaning products, recycling, and many more.

Over the years these are some suggestions I have heard from people on what they use.

Remove Coffee Stains:  As a kid I remember, every week my grandmother would clean out her coffee pot to remove coffee stains by putting a little apple cider vinegar in it.

Remove Odors from Garbage Disposal:  Another good one I have heard from people with garage disposals, is to put either orange or grapefruit peels in the garage disposal,  and run the garage disposal, to freshen and remove odors from use.

Clean Washers:  Don’t know about you but my washer always seems to get a build up from the detergent and fabric softener over time.  I learned from my grandmother and aunt that if you fill the washer with hot water and add about 2 cups of white vinegar to it and let it sit for about an hour, longer if really dirty, then run the washer through a cycle.
Also if you remove the cups where you add the detergent and fabric softener, soak them in the washer while it’s sitting for the hour or so.  Make sure you remove them before you run the cycle.
Now that I have front loaders, my washer gets the musty smell if I shut it, if you run a load with baking soda it removes the musty smell.
Clean Soap ScumSoap Scum in Bathrooms:  Another good one is mix vinegar (works better if heated) and dawn dish soap.  This does a great job at cleaning soap scum in a shower as well as any stains you might have.  Even worked great on my fiberglass tub that is so hard to clean.  Also if you put this in a freezer or zip-lock bag and hang it over the shower head.  Use a rubber band to hold into place.  This will clean the hard water minerals from the shower head.
Clean Toilets:  Get your toilets nice and clean by adding baking soda to them.  Just pour the baking soda in the toilet bowl and let sit.  After about an hour or so just flush the toilet, will be nice and clean and all the odors will be gone.
Do you have any other great tips that you use to clean with?

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