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Got A Story To Tell? Be A Guest Blogger

Our blog is to give information about Berks County, and some of the surrounding Counties.

Connecting with others and providing information, stories of events in the area, experiences you might have taken part in, or other topics you can thinking of related to or happening in Berks County.

We are looking for guest bloggers that would like to be featured in our blog.  This is also a great opportunity if you are a high school or college student that would like to go into creative writing or other similar fields.  Build your portfolio now.

Your blog post will have a link back to either your website or blog, which ever you would choose.

We are looking for posts on some of the following topics:
  • Public Schools (Sports, Education, Music, Theater, ect)
  • Events Happening in the County
  • Shows or Plays (Sovereign Center, Sovereign Theater, ect.)
  • History of any Township, Borough or City
  • Parks, Blue Marsh, Grings Mill, or any public place similar to this
  • Local Business Reviews (Restaurants, Beauty, ect)
  • Information on Home Inspections, Remodeling, Septic, or anything related to a home (Can be provided by a company, as long as it’s not only advertising, but providing information)
  • Any thing else you might want to cover and be considered.
  • Recipes (Will be shared on our other blog, Friends Pantry)

The length can be however long you feel is needed and would appeal to readers.  Great way to attract more visitors for both of us.

Send me an email with an idea or topic you would like to cover, you’re welcome to write just one blog, or become a featured author overtime if you prefer.

Send your email to and reserve your topic of choice.


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