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Selling in Desperate Times

Simple Low Cost Solution

Did you buy in the heat of the market when prices of homes were up?  Do you have to sell due to a job relocation, or financial situation?  There are many home sellers in the same situation.
Finding the right comparables to support what is needed to sell the home for, or what the home should be worth is the difficult part in today’s market.  Many seller’s are facing having minimal equity in their homes, and they either will have to bring money to the settlement table, might not see any profit from the sale of their home to move onto the next home, or might have to coordinate with the bank to accept a short sale on the property.
Most people today already know their situation, but the reality feels worse.

So what to do now?

Whatever your need is that you have to sell, and sell as fast as possible, but also get the most out of your home that the current market will bring.

The old saying  “You have to spend money to make money” usually applies, but staying within your budget or the budget of the market is the key.

Getting your home to appeal to buyers in the current market is the key.  We can help you see what other homes are on the market for in your neighborhood, and go over what minor upgrades you can make to appeal to the buyers.

Some minor things you can do to make your home more appealing:
De-Clutter –   I’m sure you heard this many times, but this is one of the cheapest and important things you can do. De-Clutter Your Home Buyers like to envision their own things in the home.
  • Remove personal photos, even the cute ones of your kids and pets.
  • Large over-sized pieces of furniture can make a room look small, remove and store them.
  • Pack up items you don’t need, and store them somewhere out of the home, either at a storage facility or family’s house
  • Go through your closets and cabinets and remove all extra items that aren’t needed, try to get your closets and cabinets to 1/2 full, and no more than 2/3 full.
Clean  –  Go through and clean EVERYTHING from top to bottom, make it shine and give the home a fresh clean smell.  Don’t mask orders with candles and air fresheners.  Buyers don’t want to have to move in and clean up your dirt.
Give fresh clean smell and look
  • Check all corners and remove cobwebs.
  • Make the kitchens and bathrooms sparkle.  They must look like they aren’t used.
  • Clean the carpets, getting a professional company in is the best way to go, however if you are short on funds go to your local store and rent a machine.
  • Clean all windows, inside and out, as well as mirrors and light fixtures.  Make them sparkle.
  • Make sure all lights have working bulbs, let your home show case the lighting.  Remember, bright homes sell.
Tone Down Wild colors –  A simple coat of a neutral paint color, will give the home an updated feel for very low-cost.  Don’t have to go with white, but a neutral color.  Not everyone will like your choice of colors and might be turned off by them.
Curb Appeal – This is one of the most important items.  Make sure your yard is in tip-top shape.  If you are in the Spring and Summer months, add some color with landscaping.  In the Fall and Winter months, it’s a little harder to give your yard a colorful well manicured look, however make sure the leaves are raked up, and if there is snow, make sure the sidewalk and driveways are clear.
Give the potential buyers a reason to come into your home, and not skip over it due to an unkempt yard.  Remember your homes curb appeal is the first impression a buyer will get.
As you can see you can give your home a small makeover for pennies on the dollar and make it more appealing to buyers.
Give us a call if you have any questions about getting your home ready for the market.

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