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Over 4300 Miles of Hope

Today I heard in the office of an amazing story of The Cowboy for a Cure.  One of the agent’s were telling me of the night she had and the great stories he had to tell at dinner last night.

It’s amazing what one man and two horses can do as they cross the USA and bring awareness and Hope, not only to everyone they meet, but also everyone that is following their journey and story.

It all started when Johnny set out March 2011 from Redding, California and is riding to Time Square on horseback to bring awareness of GBS/CIDP, a rare disorder of the body’s immune system that attacks the nerves.

Johnny and his two horses Sandy, and Boog are making the journey.  He said that he is at the mercy of God, and the wonderful caring people he has meet along the way.

Cowboy for a Cure

Sandy, who was donated by Homer Fagan of Oak Run,  CA  where he runs a horse rescue operation.  “Sandy is the Star of this Mission, having traveled this whole journey by Johnny’s  side”

“Boog” was donated by Bob and Marti Smith of The Painted Ridges Ranch in Milan, NM

Lee told me, “It was a wonderful evening and his stories and adventure was eye opening, and Johnny is a down to earth caring man.”  Along the way Johnny has meet plenty of people with hear felt stories and has had time to reflect on them as he rides across the USA.  What started as bringing awareness for GBS/CIDP, has expanded to bring HOPE to all other tragic diseases people face.

He is sharing donations with “The John Wayne Cancer Institute and St Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

As a Cancer Survivor, the story Lee told me of the night along with reading his website and seeing the photo’s of his journey has touched me.

We will be making a donation to support him in his final 150 miles.

If you would like to reach out to Johnny and support him, visit his website and follow him on Facebook, as he finishes the last 150 miles of his Ride for a Cure.

Local Articles on Johnny

Reading Eagle

Kutztown Patriot

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