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Shedding Those Extra Pounds

You hear more and more of people focusing on losing weight and getting into shape.  They are not along, we have also been working on shedding those extra pounds.

Each week we will be focusing on a topic of  Weight Loss and Fitness from our personal experience.  We started October 2011 and to date we have lost a combined amount of 45 pounds.

First thing we are going to look at is different gyms and fitness centers in the area that we have personally gone.planet fitness

We both started going to Planet Fitness in October 2011.  For the price they have a nice set-up with weights, cardio equipment, and circuit training.  Rachel still continues to go there after work a few times a week.  I’m more of the outdoor type when it’s warm and enjoy taking different classes, which they don’t offer there.  I am considering going back now that the colder weather is getting here again.

I have also taken Rowing classes at Full Throttle Fitness Factory, in Shillington.  I want to check out their Zumba and Zumba Toning Classes now that my work schedule should be slowing down some.

I have also taken some Aquatics Classes at Body ZoneBody Zone

When we were in South Carolina this year, I walked every where outside, like home from the beach and to the Broadway Boardwalk.  I prefer walking outside in the warm weather, and swimming in the ocean and outdoor pools.

What places have you gone to, or what classes or form of exercise do you enjoy?


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