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Perfect Storm

What makes a perfect storm?

You might be thinking lighting, wind, rain, tornado, and so on.  Well the perfect storm we are referring to is the storm of the housing market.

You might be thinking, well how can that be good?  A storm to describe the housing market?  Well in this case it’s just what you want to hear and have been waiting for.


The housing prices are still LOW.  This makes homes affordable to both first-time home buyers and people looking to up-size or down-size., AFFORDABILITY IS HIGH, and best of all FALLING INTEREST RATES.

According to Freddie Mac, the interest rates for a 30-year fixed mortgage have plunged below 3.5%.  Now is the time to get per-approved and to contact a loan officer.

Can you imagine that, to our parents and grandparents this is unheard of.

So if your renting, or still waiting out for the market to reach the bottom, you might want to think about starting to look for that perfect home.  According to NBC ECONOMY WATCH, they are saying that the home prices hit bottom in the 4th quarter of 2011 for most areas.  Home prices are still low, however they are slightly increasing each month.  So if your waiting for the prices to hit ROCK BOTTOM, you might have missed it according to NBC, but don’t miss out on the perfect storm completely.  Now is the time to start looking for that dream home you have been holding out on so your able to buy at rock bottom.

Don’t miss the Perfect Storm and start your search here or contact Mabel (484-769-4879) or Rachel (484) 322-0311 with any questions you might have, or for names and numbers of loan officers that we trust and have worked with time and time again.

Don’t miss out on this great Storm.  Storms don’t last forever and are sometimes quick moving.

Find Your dream home here.


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