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Property Tax Assessment Appeal Procedures..

Deadline August 15, 2012

High Property Taxes a Burden?

Think your overpaying on your taxes?

There is still a little time to appeal, if your assessment value is to high for the current market.   
If you purchased in 2005-2007 there is a good chance that your assessment value is to high, therefore you can be overpaying on your taxes.   

Current Market Value X Common Level Ratio = Assessment

The tax appeal process isn’t hard, however, most people are afraid to try and appeal their taxes.  Here are a few tips that might ease your mind if your thinking about appealing your taxes.

In Berks County you have till August 15th.  Your appeal must be received by the tax office by this date.  If you miss the deadline for 2012 you will have to wait till next year to appeal.

You can obtain the forms on the Berks County Website or by clicking here, and must provide the originals to the tax office.  So don’t wait till last minute to drop them off or mail them.  You can’t fax or email them in.  This year they are charging $25 fee for each appeal.

Along with the application you will need to establish the current market value for your home.  You will need to provided proof with the application, and this can be done either by a CMA or an appraisal.  Don’t worry to much about this step, if you give me a call I am able to help you with the current market value of your home.

Current market value can be proven by the following:
  • A current appraisal within the past 6 months by a certified appraiser;
  • Documented recent sales of at least 3 similar properties sold within the last 6 months. These sales are shown by realtor sales sheets;
  • The complete settlement sheet and the builder’s contract are required for newly built homes purchased within the past 6 months.
  • Multi-unit (4 or more) apartments, the income and expense data is required.
  • Printouts which note sales compiled from the STEB report for similarly sold properties.  Sales information can be researched and assessment records of selected comparable properties may be purchased in the Assessment Office at the Berks County Services Center.

After you get the information from me on the current market value of your home, add this to your application and either mail it or deliver it to the tax office address that is provided on the form.

The last part of the appeal is probably the most nerve racking for people.  You will have a hearing on your tax appeal.  This isn’t the kind of hearing your probably thinking, where you go into a court room and are questioned and cross examined on the stand.  Don’t worry this isn’t the way it works.  You will meet with three members of the appeal board.

It’s a good idea to keep copies of everything that you dropped off when you filed the appeal.  This way you have copies for your own reference and knowledge.  When your in the hearing it’s more like an opportunity to ask questions you might have from the board.  Most of the hearings take a total of 15 minutes.

After the hearing you will be notified by mail of the results of your tax appeal.

If you think your over paying on your taxes feel free to give me a call or send me an email and I will be happy to take a look at the current market and your current assessment rate.


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