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Cut Utility Costs, Part 1

We all want to save $75 or more a month on our utility bills, right?  Of course we do.  Here are a few ideas on saving money each month.  In this blog series were going to look at each utility costs. 

First were going to start with one of the largest bills each month, electric.  Let’s take a look at some ways we can save on electric usage and the impact it has on our wallets.

Computers:  We all have at least one computer, but most families have 2 or more.  If you don’t want to turn your computer off then each night at least put your computer on standby or sleep.  This will help you save about 90% on the power usage of a computer.

Video Games:  Did you know that a video game console uses about the same electric as 2 refrigerators?  Besides air conditioners, refrigerators have always been the largest use of electric in the home.  Either unplug the game console from the wall each night that you are done using it, or plug it into it’s own surge protectors so you are able to turn the surge off each night.  The game system still draws a nice amount of electric when powered off but still plugged in.

TV-  Most TV’s come from the factory with the brightness turned all the way up to the brightest setting.  If you turn the brightness down some, you will get a softer picture and save on the electric bill.

Shop for an alternative electric supply company.  Here are 2 companies that you can consider.  They will show you the current rate if you for your local electric company.

Ignite Inc.

North American:


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