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Seasonal Maintenance to get Ready for Fall/Winter

Now that the days are getting shorter, the nights are getting cooler and the kids are back to school, we know fall is here and winter is right around the corner.

Now is the time to think about the little jobs that we need to get done around the home for fall and winter.  Certain maintenance should be done each season to prevent structural damage, keep your major home systems running properly and save energy which in turn will save money.

Clean Gutters:  As fall approaches and the leaves start to fall, when raking up your yard don’t forget to clean out your gutters also.  Gutters that are clogged with leaves and debris from the summer storms will not only cause freeze damage to the gutters, but can also cause roof problems if the ice backs up under the shingles.  A few hours of cleaning the gutters can save you problems in the winter months and save on the family budget also.

Lawn, Garden, and Summer Items: Put away lawn and garden items that might have been left out from the summer like hoses, garden tools, patio furniture.  Anything that could be damaged by heavy snowfalls and ice.  Also make sure you run your lawn mower until it’s empty to avoid damage from storing over the winter with gas in it.  Disconnect any garden hoses, and turn off the outside faucet with the shut off value to avoid water standing in the pipes and freezing and breaking the pipes.  Also if you have an irrigation system don’t forget to winterize that to avoid frozen and broken pipes.

Furnace and AC Unit:  Make sure you schedule to get your furnace serviced and cleaned.  A $50 to $100 cost can save you the trouble of no heat in the cold winter months if your furnace goes out.  The service man will also check your filters if your heater has filters.   Also if your AC unit is outside and under a tree or a place that icicles tend to form, you might want to put a piece of plywood over the top and drape a clothe over it.  Don’t wrap it tight so moisture can’t be trapped in or you don’t make a home for rodents in the winter.

Storm Windows:  If your home has storm windows instead of insulated windows don’t forget to pull down the inner pane and make sure the outer pane is up.  This will help keep your home warm and save on your heating cost.

Insulate Basements and Attics:  By insulating doors to attics at the least, or in between the joist in the attic would be better if unfinished, and the floor joist in the basement if the basement is unfinished will help with heat loss from the attic and basement.

Spending a little time on the weekend can help save money not only with heating cost but also help prevent expensive repairs.  By checking on these few simple items you can also become aware of a problem that you might have or is starting by taking care of it now before it becomes worse.


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